2017 Spring Colours

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Spring is the season of colors. Warm weather and blooming flowers make us happy and content so the best way to celebrate the upcoming sunny days is to change up your house a little bit and add some brightness to your interiors. Trends do tend to change so it is difficult to say which shades are more popular than the others right now. We have a couple of suggestions that will really help you out with your home makeover.

You can either add some colorful details to your home, replace the existing furniture, or paint the walls completely – it is truly up to you. Modern furniture is always a good choice because those pieces are timeless and they are a long term investment that will look great in your home in the years to come. Here are a few color ideas for you to consider:

Shades of Fresh Citrus

Nothing says spring better than freshly colored furniture and the interiors. If you want to add a little bit of sunshine to your space, take a closer look at the various shades of yellow. From pastels to darker mustard colors – yellow is becoming more and more popular even among the fans of the contemporary interior design.

Painting your walls might seem like a huge project so if you want to add some color to your rooms right away, take a closer look at some furniture pieces that need replacing. Perhaps your sofa is worn out and you need a new one? Or you want to add an armchair to your living room in order to have more seating options? Yellow will bring more glow and life to your home so here are our top picks.

Italian-Made Capriccio Fabric Sofa is a brilliant option for people who love clean lines and uncomplicated designs. The sofa can fit any space and it is incredibly comfortable. There is a choice in a many color and material combinations to choose from. If you want a touch of yellow in your living room, think about mustard colored leather. The leather is incredibly durable, easy to maintain, and will last you for a very long time. Of course, there is a fabric option as well and you can also choose a slightly muted yellow color that fits any interior well.

The Seville Chair is an excellent contemporary choice for your living room. It is stylish, very modern, and super comfortable. Made from Microfibre, this chair will bring color into the space while keeping it classy and interesting. We absolutely love the stainless steel base that brings this chair to a whole new level of elegance. If you desire an additional modern seating option in front of your TV set or in your home office, this is a perfect choice.

Ottomans are useful when you lack sitting space or don’t have room for a big coffee table. Pod Ottoman is a versatile piece of furniture that can act as a well-cushioned seating option, as well as a table. Versatile, light and easy to transfer pretty much anywhere. It comes in a lovely shade of yellow that will brighten up your home and liven up the atmosphere instantly.

Locklear Modern Accent Chair

Coco Dining Table

Chic Metallic

If you are looking for a perfect contemporary color palette that is timeless and versatile, metallic furniture is ideal for you. Metallic shades such as silver will make the space appear larger while making it feel super modern and current. Of course, there is no need for you to pile up numerous silver metallic pieces in your living room but pick and choose the items you like the most. You can open up your room with a stainless steel coffee table which will be the centerpiece.

Sylvie Chandelier is a true statement piece that will be noticed regardless of the placement. It is super glossy and eye-catching with numerous details. This chandelier is a contemporary décor piece that will add more light to your dining room while creating a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere for your family and friends. It is made really well and the combination of materials work in its favor.

Joani Dining Table might not be as shiny and silvery but it is still a gorgeous piece that will open up your space and become a perfect backdrop to various flower arrangements. The glass top is very classy and modern. It is easy to clean and maintain as well! The base is made of steel and has a matte finish. It is a gorgeous piece overall that will astonish you with its simplicity.

If you want to take your interior décor to a whole new level this spring, consider getting a waterfalls wall fountain. It will bring a piece of nature into your home and make you feel more connected to the outside world. Reflection Creek Water Fountain combines elements effortlessly. It has a stone base with accented silver metallic borders. It is quite classy and very modern. So if you are want something special on your walls, a water fountain is the way to go. It will set the mood for both your guests and you. Plus, it doesn’t take too much space so it is suitable for small living rooms as well!

On the other hand, if you need a true statement piece, Pacifica Waters will do the work. It is a larger version of an indoor waterfalls water fountain that does require more space but it will be noticeable right away. It is a combination of stone, water, and metals which will bring your living space to life with its soft sounds. You will be able to unwind and relax after work in complete silence, listening to the waterfalls, and enjoy your spring completely.

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